Little Fagan

A Must Read – Available in paperback, hard cover and e-book.

After years of gruesome unrest, spent in a care system awash with seething dark caregivers of unforgivable cruelty, and continually rejected from one placement to the next, when his safety soars from severely endangered to critical under the Cooper’s care, eleven-year-old Cameron Clark decides to go it alone . Numerous failed attempts to raise the alarm in response to his ill-treatment over the years had earned him the label of a dysfunctional, rebellious, and unmanageable child. In fear of his life, he takes to the streets of ‘The Auld Reekie’ in pursuit of survival.

Lured like a lamb to the slaughter, alongside other unsuspecting runaway’s, Cameron is deceptively snatched from the streets in the dark of the night. Terror strikes when he is hand delivered into the clutches of an unjust and dark criminal underworld, awash with prolific gangsters and an array of unsavoury characters of incalculable gluttony and cruelty.

Sucked into the portal of no return alongside other unfortunate abductee’s, Cameron is incarcerated in a hidden underground catacomb, enshrining an insidious hub of organised criminal activity. Hidden deep beneath the streets of Edinburgh City, survival is driven by terror, at the hands of those who would not think twice about selling their souls to the devil. All inhabitants are promptly made to earn their keep by assisting the villainous masterminds barbaric and unforgiving industry.

At the heart of the criminal underworld’s operations, Cameron is involuntarily inducted through a fast-track training programme and put to work on a crazed treasure hunt, pillaging in splinter groups that are unleashed on the unsuspecting who plod the cobbled streets of ‘The Auld Reekie.’ Under constant surveillance, returning empty handed was not an option. Petrified to the core, Cameron knew there was no point awaiting rescue, no one was coming. Desperate, he made a promise to himself that he was getting out alive, and the secret world beneath the cobbled streets of ‘The Auld Reekie’ would be exposed.