A Sneak Peek At The Illustrations

Meet The Characters

Below Are The Fantastical Characters And Beings You Will Uncover On Your Adventures In The Changeling And The Crystal Chalice

Ma Murphy

Ma Murphy is the Great Aunt of Gabby and Jane. She’s a spirited old dear who has mischief at heart.

Ma Murphy & The Twins

Ma Murphy tells the twins tales of her adventures in Glendarry and the power that the stones stored inside the crystal chalice hold.

The Changeling


The twins, Bella and Brodie look on in horror as their baby brother Willie is stolen away and replaced with an ugly, wizened little Changeling

Taurus & Mischief

The twins ride high over the Glen on the backs of Mischief and Taurus, two pterosaurs who support in the quest to find Willie.

The Bendith’s
The rescue party find themselves under attack from a race of vicious Bendith’s who are intent on their demise.
The Itchyplod’s
The rescue party look on in horror as the villainous Itchyplod’s unleash their fury on poor Marshall.
The Vault
The scene of catastrophe where Ouzelum birds and Tatzlwurms leap threateningly around the mouth of the gangrenous reservoir.

The Grogoch

Temus is a Grogoch who is impervious to temperatures of searing heat to freezing cold. With his help, the twins tackle the notorious Cinder Crossing.

The Trow’s
The twins find themselves entombed deep in an underground world with a race of queer little Trow’s where Henking and magical potions and lotions bring mischief and fun.
The Bunyip
Gabby fights for her life when she finds herself catapulted into the path of a flesh hungry Bunyip known to love feasting on the flesh of mortal children.
The answer to the mystery and the ultimate fracturing of the deadly curse.

The Kobold’s

The twins meet The Galaxy Girls queer little helpers, The Kobold’s Jerome, Genesis, Pacific, Vincent and Odyssey and Smudger support with the clean up after the Sherbityloom Festival

The Kangapoodle’s

Joy resumes when the rescue party run into a race of
woodland dwelling Kangapoodle’s
Squire Quiggly
The notorious Squire Quiggly sits high on his gem encrusted throne as Norris and Trex, his loyal questing beast’s guard their villainous master