Angel was born in Scotland in 1970 and transitioned to Edinburgh in her teenage years where she remains. Angel grew up surrounded by books and like many families back in the day, money was tight. As such, families created their own happiness, most commonly through investing in imagination to create stories that took the children to make believe worlds where adventure flourished, and were characters were breathed to life. Success prevailed at an early age with her first publication in a children’s comic. Maintaining two passions across her life-course, namely supporting people in need and creating adventure, Angel works across multiple areas of social services with societies most vulnerable individuals. People are one thing she gets, and Angel makes no mistake that everyone has a story to tell. By day she provides support and the night is where she escapes to lands where mystical and magical worlds are created. Angel is the author of The Tuppenny Twin’s series and through her debut novel, the Changeling And The Crystal Chalice and the twin’s mischievous shenanigans, she transports children into worlds where adventure and the most wondrous characters are brought to life.